How to Register with RoboForex?

Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to profit in the financial markets? Regardless resource you are keen on, Forex, stocks, the primary thing you need to do as a trader is to register in the Members Area and open a trading account.

This page gives guidelines on the best way to open your first trading account alongside suggestions that can assist you with picking the most appropriate boundaries for you.

How can I open a trading account?

A RoboForex trading account can be opened in a couple of easy steps:

  1. Register in the Members Area.
  2. The Members Area is a space to manage your accounts, funds and investments.
  3. Go to the “Live Account” page in the first section of the Members Area.
  4. Choose the appropriate parameters and type for your new account.
  5. Click “Confirm”.

Detailed descriptions of the types of accounts available can be found here “Trading Accounts”.

What sort of account should a novice choose?

To acquire the essential trading experience at no expense, open a demo account. Trading activities in this sort of account are done with virtual funds. In the event that you choose to exchange through the MT4 and MT5 stages, you have two alternatives accessible; Demo ECN or Demo Pro. In any case, assuming you need to open a live account yet are not prepared to exchange enormous aggregates yet, you can begin with the ProCent account, which is additionally accessible on the MT4 and MT5 stages.

Demo Accounts

  • Demo ECN. Is most often used by experienced traders to test trading strategies.
  • Demo Pro. Has been specially created for beginners with less than 1 year of trading experience.


  • The ProCent account furnishes the operator with admittance to exchanges with little amounts of cash, in light of the fact that the money related unit of this kind of account is a penny (0.01 USD). To begin trading, 10 USD in your account will be sufficient.

How much capital do I need to start trading?

To begin trading, it will be sufficient to deposit the base sum required, which is 10 USD. In any case, assuming you need to make a greater profit, this aggregate won’t be sufficient. The greatest prescribed measure of funds to deposit in a first trading stage could be 20% of all your financial investment funds. It isn’t extremely keen to contribute more than that until you have stable trading information and more experience.

For what reason do I need to verify my account?

The verification method is expected to build the degree of security of the funds and the Members Area. This method is a mandatory condition to begin working with RoboForex. Also, clients who affirm their own subtleties will get a “Welcome Bonus” and regularly scheduled payments of up to 10% of their account balance, they can join the “Refunds” program and solicitation a free VPS server for their Expert Advisors.

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